Sending Mail Attachments with Daylite iOS Sending Mail Attachments with Daylite iOS

Sending Mail Attachments with Daylite iOS

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Adding Attachments

  1. Compose a new email message
  2. Tap Action Menu (…) -> Add Attachment

Daylite_Mail_iOS_Compose Message

Daylite_Mail_iOS_Add Attachments

Up to ten photos can be selected at a time before adding them to the message. Files must be added one at a time. All attachments are added at actual size.

20 MB Limit - Messages that go over this limit will not send. You will need to remove the attachment before sending the message. If your email provider does not support 20 MB, the message will fail to send. You will need to move the message from the Outbox > Drafts folder and remove the attachment.


Inline Image Support

  1. Long press within the message

  2. Mini Pop Up Contextual Menu will display -> Tap Insert Image

Daylite_Mail_iOS_Inline Menu

Daylite_Mail_iOS_Inline Menu_Add Image

Only inline images can be added from the contextual menu, NOT files (Word, Pages, PDF, etc)

Adding Attachments to Daylite

  1. Tap the Sun icon on the left side of the attachment

  2. Or Select Add All to Daylite

Daylite_Mail_iOS_Attachments_Add to Daylite

You will need to add attachments to Daylite manually. Attachments will not be in Daylite until the message has been sent.

Outbox Support

If a message gets stuck in the Outbox, choose to move them to Drafts.

Daylite_Mail_iOS_Outbox Support

Replying to an email will NOT include the attachment. We include a text string indicating there was an attachment.

Forwarding an email will include the attachment. It also works when forwarding an email with inline images [Please note - you can only forward attachments that were downloaded from the original message]

Attachments cannot be added to signatures.