In the Pipelines Preferences, you can set up tasks and appointments that have @@ in their title.

When the pipeline is added to a Project or Opportunity in Daylite and the task or appointment is created, the @@ in the title will be replaced with the project or opportunity name.

1. Create a new Pipeline by going to Daylite from the top menu-->Settings-->Pipelines and selecting the + from the lower left-hand corner. Specify the objective the Pipeline is for and make sure it's active:


2. Next, we want the titles of all newly created tasks and appointments within the Pipeline to include @@ where the name of an Opportunity or a Project should appear:


3. Once you apply the Pipeline in Daylite, @@ in tasks and appointments will be automatically replaced with the objective's name:


To learn how to include @@ in an Activity Set, click here.

Instructions for creating a Project/Opportunity Pipeline can be found here.