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Calendar & Contact Integration

Troubleshooting Calendar and Contact sharing issues.

After setting up Contact Integration, I see duplicate contacts.
Symptom You have set up CardDAV sync for contacts and have noticed that ...
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CalDAV Repeating Appointments Issues
CalDAV is a great tool that allows you to share your calendar informatio...
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Calling contacts from Daylite on your iPad
To place a call from your iPad, you must have FaceTime setup with an iCl...
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Contact image goes missing in CardDAV client applications.
Symptom You have set up contact sharing in Daylite via CardDAV. A contac...
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Selecting "All Contacts" in the Contacts application shows duplicate records.
Symptom You have set up your Contacts application to display contacts fr...
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Why do I get a prompt asking for CalDAV or Contacts Password?
Welcome to our help article explaining what to do if you are using Dayli...
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