How to set "Show in Daylite" to open a new Tab from Daylite Mail Assistant
When working in Daylite Mail Assistant you can click emails to "Show in ...
Julia Julia
I am trying to link an email to another Daylite user but cannot find them
You'll need to ensure the "Include Daylite users in searches" options ar...
Julia Julia
How can I create a Smart List based on Notes or Emails?
Select the Notes or Email list in the 'Notes & Email' section in Daylit...
Roxy Roxy
How to open an email stored in Daylite with Apple Mail
Select an email in Daylite. Click on the Show in Mail
Where can I see the emails that I have linked using the Daylite Mail Assistant in Daylite?
Click on the "Notes & Email" icon on the left hand side and click on “My...
Julia Julia
Performing a search in Daylite.
Daylite's search bar is a simple way to perform searches in your databas...
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