Daylite's Account Manager Daylite's Account Manager

Daylite's Account Manager

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Account Manager is a web page where you can administer your subscription settings, invite new Daylite users, and manage devices that are authorized to connect to the database. 


To access your Account Manager’s page:

  1. Working from within the Daylite app, navigate to Daylite from the top menu bar, and choose Account and Billing.
  2.  In the window that opens, choose Manage Account to edit your Username, change password, manage devices or contact and calendar integrations. 
  3. The second option, Manage Plan&Billing will let you update your billing information and subscription.  
  4. Clicking on either option will bring you to this page shown below and you will be logged in automatically.
  5. Alternatively, you can bookmark this URL in your browser:

Daylite account panel webpage open on the login screen

The account manager has several tabs:

Download - Where you can download a copy of the Daylite installer, which is helpful in situations when you’re working from a new computer.

My Info - This is where you would edit a password, change the company name, manage devices that have connected to your database.

Subscription - Where you can find out what plan you have currently subscribed to, and what the other plan options are. For example, you can choose between monthly and yearly plans.

Users - Where you can invite a new user to join your Daylite database, review pending invitations, see active users as well as users you have deactivated. You can also check the number of devices each person has used to log in.

Integrations - Where you can set up calendar and contact sharing with third-party apps or devices.

All Daylite users will be able to login to the Account Manager, however, only the administrator of the company will see all the options listed above.