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Delegation allows you to transfer over the responsibility of a Task to another User in the Account.
When you delegate an activity, a chain is created between the Delegator and the Delegatee. As the Delegator, you can choose to be notified about any changes in relation to the delegated Task.
How to Delegate a Task:
  1. Open the Task.
  2. Click the Delegate button at the bottom.
  3. A window with a drop-down menu will pop up, which will allow you to choose a user from your account to delegate the Task to. There is also a section to leave a note and a box to check off that will notify you when changes are made to the Task. 
  4. Click Delegate to save the changes.


Within the Tasks tab in Daylite, there is a section dedicated to Delegated Tasks. You'll be able to view all Tasks you have delegated to others (Delegated by Me) and those that have been delegated to you (Delegated to Me).