What is Email On Demand?

Email On Demand enables Daylite to get the contents of emails on an as-needed basis instead of downloading all emails that have been added to Daylite Cloud when you first log in, even if you don't need it.

Why Email On Demand?

Emails in your database take up the bulk of the space required for Daylite to run on your devices. Email On-Demand helps reduce the size of and decreases the time it takes to download your offline database.

I have a large Self-Serve Database; Will Email On-Demand Help Me Move to Daylite Cloud?

Yes! Email on Demand allows us to move even the largest databases to Cloud, so if you've been unable to go Cloud in the past, go ahead and schedule your move to Go Cloud!

What Is Downloaded With Email On Demand?

Your offline database downloads in the same way as before, except that the content of emails does not immediately download. You'll always be able to see the title of a linked email, and when you select it, that's when Daylite downloads the email content onto your device.

Can I View Emails Without An Internet Connection?

When you view an email in Daylite, it will be downloaded and accessible for offline viewing. Any emails that haven’t been viewed before disconnecting from the Internet will be linked with the title, but the content will not be available.

Can I Download All My Emails?

Yes. After logging into Daylite, you can change your Email On-Demand settings to download all emails. Check out How to Manage Email On-Demand Settings for more information.

Is Downloaded Email Content Editable?

No. We've made this change because editing email contents pose regulatory challenges in certain industries, and in our research, we have found the majority of customers don't edit emails. If you regularly edit email subjects or contents, please help us understand your use case by taking this survey.

Can I Search Emails With Email On Demand?

Daylite will now search your Cloud account online as well as search for emails on your device. To search for emails that haven't had their content downloaded yet, you need to be connected to the Internet.

When Will I Get Email On Demand?

Email on Demand is gradually being rolled out to customers over the next few months.