How can I purchase Daylite?

Daylite can be purchased with a monthly or yearly subscription. You can find the pricing on our pricing page here. Your subscription to Daylite includes Daylite for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone, as well as the Daylite Mail Assistant for Mac and Daylite Mail for iPhone & iPad.


For single-user accounts, here is some information on How to Subscribe to Daylite with an App Store Subscription


Am I limited to one device per user?

Each user is limited to 5 devices. Within those limits, you can log in as a single user on any Mac, iPhone, or iPad that meets Daylite requirements. You can be logged into each of these 5 devices simultaneously.


How does a Subscription work?

Daylite customers must add a seat for each user that is active on the account's database. Each seat will be charged to the same credit card and term as the administrator on the account. The account administrator can choose between subscribing to a yearly or monthly plan, and this subscription will automatically renew after your term ends. Additional storage is available for a fee.


What is a Seat in Daylite?

A seat is what allows you to activate a user in Daylite. Each active user you add in Daylite would require a seat to be empty on your account first. You can have more seats than active users, but you cannot have more active users than seats.