A Smart List To Keep Your Leads Top Of Mind A Smart List To Keep Your Leads Top Of Mind

A Smart List To Keep Your Leads Top Of Mind

Julia Julia

With Daylite you can create custom views that help show you only what you need to know when you want it. You do this with saved Filters called Smart Lists.

Follow the steps below to create a Smart List that helps you filter leads that you haven't been in contact with recently helping you stay on top of their mind so you can win more business.

  1. Create a Category called Lead
  2. Apply this category to any person that is still a lead

    You can change a large number of People to Leads with Bulk Edits.

  3. Create a New Filter
  4. Change the search criteria to show only People who are leads
  5. Add a Sub Filter
  6. Change the Filter type to *Do not match
  7. Change the search criteria to exclude people who have had recent activity

    Your Smart List should look like this: People Smart List Filter

    This filter will filter out people who have had activity in the last 30 days but you can choose any time frame you want.

  8. Click Save as Smart List to save the Filter and give it a name
  9. Drag and drop to the Favourites Bar.

You can now click on this Smart List and populate a list of people you should keep in touch with soon. You can then go through the list and call them or you can create Letter Templates so you can contact each person with an easy to make form letter all in one go.