Keeping Daylite up to Date up makes sure you have the most recent features, best security, and the latest bugs squashed. On the Mac, Daylite checks for updates periodically on its own, and the App Store iOS will check as well. However, you can choose to check for an update at any time.

For information on what versions of macOS and iOS are supported with the latest versions of Daylite, please click here.

How to Check for Updates on macOS

  1. Open Daylite
  2. From the application menu bar, choose Daylite, then Check For Updates...
  3. Click ‘Install Update’ 

How to Check for Updates on iOS

  1. Open the App Store, then tap Today at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap your profile icon at the top of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to see pending updates and release notes.
  4. Tap Update next to an app to update only that app, or tap Update All.

How to Change Update Settings on macOS

Daylite periodically checks for new updates on its own by default, so you know you have the most secure, stable and best version of Daylite.

  1. Open Daylite
  2. From the application menu bar, choose: Daylite, then Update Settings...
  3. You can choose between the Official Releases or Beta updates.
  4. Close the window

Daylite Update Channels

In Daylite, you can choose two various channel updates: Official or Beta. We strongly recommend using the official release channel unless advised by customer support or if you're in an environment that can accept less stable releases.

Official Release

The official release of Daylite is has been thoroughly tested and ready for public use. The Official Release channel is the default setting and is recommended for anyone using Daylite in all circumstances. The official release is the only release version fully supported by customer support and includes release notes.


The beta release contains early access to bug fixes and new features. Daylite beta is not recommended for anyone using Daylite on production unless advised by customer support. Beta builds are less stable than the official releases, and the functionality may change without notice. May not have release notes.





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